Price: $380

Buying a new stock or custom bike and want to make sure you are getting what you really want? Confused by the choices? Want to have some non-biased help?

Bring all of your considerations – desire, strength, flexibility, alignment – together to create your ideal position and help you buy the right bike!

The process entails:

  • Learning what is most important to you and how you would like to solve those issues
  • Making notes about your riding style and experiences
  • Recording your injury history and movement challenges
  • Observing your standing alignment to learn what structure you were born with and how time has shaped your body
  • Using dynamic movement to learn how your body flexes and where there are areas that need support and education
  • Crafting the contact points of your bicycle to support our new ideas
  • Taking the important measurements using the amazing Retul fit bike
  • Comparing bicycle options on the Web using Stack and Reach and X-Y handlebar coordinates
  • First visit allow 2 hours; follow up visit allow 1 hour to make sure everything is in the right place
  • All levels of cyclists on Mountain, Road, Hybrid, Triathlon, Commuter or Recumbent bikes