Price: $330 plus parts

The complete fitting includes a conversation, physical tests, observation, bicycle adjustments, shoe-cleat adjustment, and advising.

The process entails:

  • Learning what is most important to you and how you would like to solve those issues
  • Making notes about your riding style and experiences
  • Recording your injury history and movement challenges
  • Observing your standing alignment to learn what structure you were born with and how time has shaped your body
  • Using dynamic movement to learn how your body flexes and where there are areas that need support and education
  • Crafting the contact points of your bicycle to support our new ideas
  • Checking your shoes to make sure the length and width are correct and your needs for arch support are addressed
  • Adjusting the fore and aft of the cleat in relation to the metatarsal heads of your feet
  • Looking at the angle of your feet that we observed during your standing evaluation to see that the cleat is centered in the pedal and your feet move equally
  • Observing the relationship between the foot, knee, and hip as the leg travels from top to bottom
  • Using tools such as the Fit Kit Rotational Adjustment Device, one of the first motion capture tools, and if needed, shims, wedges, spacers, and lasers to find the ideal relationship between your hip, knee and foot

Possible parts to help us move the position on the bike are stems, handlebars, seat posts, seats, and brake levers. We review what we have created with a photo for your file and suggest strengthening and stretching to help with your alignment.

  • First visit allow 2 hours; follow up visit allow 1 hour
  • All level of cyclists on Mountain, Road, Cyclocross, Hybrid, Triathlon, Commuter or Recumbent bikes
  • Recessed or external cleats