Most important for a good fitting is having a really good knowledge of the body and how it works on a bike, which is what I provide. I work to have an open mind and heart, and the ability to listen and observe.

I begin with an in-person interview, asking questions about your biking experiences, goals, riding style, cadence, and any injuries or surgeries that may have an impact on your riding.

After that there’s a Physical Assessment where I’ll review and record details of your posture both on and off your bike. We will look at how your body moves, flexibility, standing foot position, and the alignment of your cleats and feet, knees, and upper body. We’ll also look at your bike’s saddle position and handlebar placement. I’ll then evaluate what can be changed and adjusted and I will make those adjustments so you can ride the new position home!

Depending on your specific needs, I may suggest working on some homework such as strengthening, stretching, or alignment exercises.

After I’ve reviewed your changes that we made I’ll recommend doing 10-15 bike rides, then a follow-up visit to see what additional improvements or adjustments need to be made.